Introducing God

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Come along and enjoy a relaxed, informative and entertaining series on meeting the God of the universe.

The 10 episodes are as follows:

  1. God, us and the meaning of life (Gen 1)
  2. Our declaration of autonomy (Gen 3)
  3. What will God to about it (Ps 2)
  4. God's competent king (Lk 8)
  5. The death that changes everything (Lk 23)
  6. God made Jesus both Lord and Christ (Ac 2)
  7. Are you thirsty (Rev 21-22)
  8. The difference Jesus makes to life today (Lk 14)
  9. The difference Jesus makes to relationship with God (Lk 15)
  10. The difference Jesus makes to the future (Lk 16)
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You can see a promotional video here.